Southern DJ Who Put Donk On Track Accused Of Cultural Appropriation By Doncaster DJ

Photo by Vlad Savov

A southern DJ has been accused of cultural appropriation by a DJ from Doncaster after “putting a donk” on one of his tracks.

Anthon Burton, a.k.a. Tony B, claims that “the donk has a deep-rooted history in the north’s culture” and it is highly offensive for “some bloody southerner” to use it on one of their tracks.

“I’m so bloody outraged,” claimed Tony earlier. “I mean, you can’t just go doing something like that in this day and age. We’ve been using the donk up here in the north for well over ten years now, it’s part of who we are, from Bolton to Doncaster and Sheffield to Burnley we’re a people united by the donk and, now, like everything else we ever have up here, the south are trying to claim it as their own.”

“Well, I for one am not gonna sit around and do nothing while they take everything we’ve got,” continued the DJ. “I can’t and I won’t, that’s ours that is and we have to stand up for ourselves and stop them taking the things that matter most to us, like Gregg’s, Wetherspoons and our donks.”

“Now, I’ve accused that little soft prick of cultural appropriation on the internet and the wolves are out and on his back,” added Tony B. “It’s rough justice but he deserves it, let this be a lesson to all the rest of those savages down there, if they fuck with us, we’ll rat them out on the internet.”

James Madeley, the DJ accused of cultural appropriation, revealed that the “donk was ironic” and he now realises it was a mistake to use it.

“Honestly, I’d never normally put a donk on a track, they sound shit, and I only put that one on as a bit of a joke,” explained Madeley. “I didn’t realise it was such a big part of northern culture, I thought all they had was closed factories, an obesity epidemic, shallow pockets and Sean Bean.”

“If I’d have known I was going to upset them, or that they would want to communicate with me, I never would have used it.”

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Southern DJ Who Put Donk On Track Accused Of Cultural Appropriation By Doncaster DJ

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