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Support DJ Shocked After Being Paid In Money

Support DJ Shocked After Being Paid In Money

A support DJ was treated for shock last night after being paid in actual money, it has emerged.

Reports claim that 23-year-old snapback clad, Beatport spinner Justin Breams, collapsed soon after leaving the stage when the clubnight promoter handed him €50 in money instead of an equivalent amount in drinks.

“One second he was propped at the bar, waiting for the promoter to hand him a double whiskey and coke,” claimed a witness. “The next second he was lying on the ground, eyes glazed over and mouth working softly with a €50 note in his hand as the promoter looked on.”

“Justin, like every support DJ alive, was expecting to be paid in drinks so when he got money, having not even had to have recruited 10 of his friends to attend, so when the money changed hands I think he just was overcome.”

It is believed that this is the first time that a support DJ has been paid in money since 2006 and may mark a change in how promoters run nights.

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“I just wanted to do right by Justin,” explained promoter Simon Grimbsy. “But now, having seen the effect that being paid in money has on support DJs, I think I’ll just have to stick to paying them in drinks.”

“For their own health like,” he added. “I don’t know if the rest of the roster of friends of friends who play for me will be able to handle this Copernican shift in how nights are run, best to just keep plying them with free alcohol and vague notions of exposure, paying them in money is obviously too shocking.”

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