Techno Chicken Offered Circooco Residency

techno chicken

A rare all black chicken has reportedly been offered a full season residency at Ibiza powerhouse club night Circoloco in DC10 this summer.

The chicken, known to his friends as Jeff Beak, has recently become an online sensation with many people renaming him Techno Chicken because of the similarities between the current trend of wearing all black in the techno scene and his plumage.

Wunderground spoke to Michael Mouse, a fellow farmyard animal and friend of Mr Beak, “It’s funny you know, everyone has seen Jeff and because he’s all black they call him Techno Chicken when in reality he’s actually more into tech house and he’s a rooster, I think it’s a bit bad that everyone just assumed his gender and musical preference but, at the same time, it’s nice to see him doing well and to have a bit of a celebrity around the farmyard.”

“He’s always wanted to get to Ibiza at some point in his life,” continued Mr Mouse. “Before it became really cool for everyone on the techno scene to wear nothing but black we always presumed that he would have to go as a Looky Looky rooster and, to be honest, without having any hands or the ability to speak he would have found it very difficult to sell fake sunglasses.”

“Now, thanks to sync technology and the sheeplike qualities of scenesters, he’ll get to fulfil his dream of being the world’s first ever DJing chicken,” claimed the tiny mouse. “Since Circoloco approached him and made him the offer, he’s been hanging out with horses a lot, he wants to get to grips with ket before he goes to avoid embarrassing himself when he gets there.”

According to Ibiza sources, the local poultry community has had a mixed reaction to Techno Chicken’s residency, with many of the local chickens hoping to get him to fertilise their eggs and many of the local cocks, who feel the opportunity should have been given to a local, hoping to fight him.

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