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Maya Jane Coles Gets Character In New Mortal Kombat Game

Maya Jane Coles is set to be immortalised in world of video games after it was announced that she will be starring as a character in the upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

Coles, best known for knitting a CDJ in 2013, was recently voted the DJ You’d Most Like To Play Video Games With, in DJ Mag’s annual end of year shit fest, which prompted Mortal Kombat manufacturers NetherRealm Studios to approach the DJ about the possibility of appearing in the game.

“We’re really looking to put our own unique stamp on the game by bringing in our own, modern characters while still keeping an authentic and familiar feel to things,” explained Morris Raiden NetherRealm CEO. “Maya fits the bill perfectly, her back story, as a London born DJ of British and Japanese descent, is practically perfect for the game.”

“Obviously we’ll be tweaking it a little bit,” continued Mr Raiden. “We like our characters to have nothing to lose so we’ll probably say something like her family were killed by an evil club owner so she dedicated her life to DJing and martial arts so she could someday become the resident DJ in the evil club owner’s club and exact her revenge on the club owner, once she’s done that there isn’t really anything left to do, between gigs, apart from compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament.”

“Maya’s fights will take place in an exact replica of DC10 in Ibiza and her finishing moves and combos will involve her throwing CDs and records, in ninja star fashion, at her opponents,” revealed Mr Raiden. “So expect to see lots of blood with plenty of limbs and even heads getting chopped off.”

According to rumours, NetherRealm studios have also asked Coles to remix the Mortal Kombat theme music, which was recently voted the Most Bangin Computer Game Music of All Time in another one of DJ Mag’s pointless polls.

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