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The Prodigy Accidentally Release Old Track Thinking It’s Their New Single

The Prodigy Accidentally Release Old Track Thinking It’s Their New Single

Reports circulating today indicate that punk electronica legends, The Prodigy, have accidentally released an old track thinking it’s their new single.

The track, Nasty, was rumoured to have been first created using bits of old Prodigy tracks from the Invaders Must Die sessions 6 years ago, but was yesterday released as the first single from their new album by mistake.

“I don’t know how this happened,” explained chief songwriter Liam Howlett. “We’ve been working on some really groundbreaking futuristic music so naturally that’s what we wanted to release rather than this track which is everything you’ve ever heard from us before rolled into a three and a half minute bundle of noise.”

Blaming the oversight on “a compiler error”, believed to have occurred when Liam became unable to differentiate tracks he’d written twenty years ago from tracks written twenty minutes ago, the band have assured fans that they do have new material that doesn’t sound exactly like their old material.

The accidentally released track, Nasty, contains all of the typical Prodigy tropes including big breaks, warpy siren-like synths, a quirky, vaguely violent video and hissed lyrics that can be shouted by jumping morons at festivals.

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“I was thinking that it must have been a mistake because Liam had promised that the new material would shake things up, so the last thing I was expecting was for it to sound exactly the same as their last albums,” explained one disappointed fan.

“But still, at least they didn’t accidentally re-release Baby’s Got A Temper,” he added. “Or go EDM.”

“I love the track,” gushed one fan. “But then again I love The Prodigy so much that I’ll blindly like everything they do, see them at festivals and live in a late 90s time warp where the past cloaks my life like a warm, safe blanket.”

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