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Young Raver Named “Dave” Cleverly And Hilariously Calling Himself “Dave The Rave”

Young Raver Named “Dave” Cleverly And Hilariously Calling Himself “Dave The Rave”

A young dance music fan, David Turner, has sensationally become a comedic genius by utilising his love of raves and easy rhymes to create the utterly great nickname “Dave The Rave”.

David claims he came up with the brilliant idea one day in the shower in the blissful interlude just after his wank but before he washed his hair.

“I was just soaping my body down with a wet sponge filled with creamy Imperial Leather when I was began thinking about how much of a raving legend I am,” “It then hit me that my name was Dave and that I, being called Dave, also loved raves. Which rhymes with Dave.”

“Needless to say, my mind was blown,” he added.

David claims that he immediately changed his name on Facebook to Dave The Rave to publicise his new self appointed nickname and began insisting on people calling him by the new moniker at all times lest they forget his name is Dave and he likes raves.

“People are really responding to it,” continued Dave The Rave seen her donning his fluorescent raver attire which he admits is absolutely superfluous now that his love of rave is directly implied by his name but nevertheless allows people who don’t know him to simply look at him and see how much of a raver he is.

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“It’s all because not only do I like rave, I love rave and that rhymes with Dave so it makes absolutely perfect sense to hilariously and originally call myself Dave The Rave,” explained Dave, The Rave. “I’m hoping that no-one tries to steal the completely original idea.”

Dave The Rave recommends other Dave’s to follow his example, particularly “if you’re someone who is called Dave and likes raves”.

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