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120 Refugees Found Hidden Inside Zipped WeTransfer File

120 Syrians seeking refuge and a life away from constant turmoil and certain death have been found hidden in a zipped WeTransfer file which should have contained the Global Underground classed compilation, 24: Reykjavik mixed by Nick Warren.

Donal Morley, a children’s clothing salesperson by day, discovered the group of asylum seekers during one of his late night zippyshare downloading sessions after the wife and kids had gone to bed.

“One minute I was slouched into the sofa, macbook on my lap, feet on the coffee table with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and classic 90’s anthems filling up my downloads list in Chrome.”

“Next minute, the laptop has gone flying, I’m covered in hot chocolate, and there are 120 hungry looking refugees strewn from one end of the sitting room to the other, shouting at me in a language I don’t understand.”

“The wife already gives me shit for downloading the tunes without paying. She has a giant stick up her arse, you know? Whatever about downloading a few illegal tunes on the sly, she’ll go mad when she wakes up and I’ve smuggled more than treble digits of illegal foreign nationals across the border on my laptop.”

“My mate warned me I was downloading extra shit I didn’t realise off those illegal sites, but this is taking the piss!”

“To be honest, it’s only 4 more hours till breakfast and we defo won’t have enough cornflakes for this carry on.”

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