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30% Of World’s Martin Garrix Fans Now Old Enough To Drink

30% Of World’s Martin Garrix Fans Now Old Enough To Drink

Reports from the International Age Agency have confirmed that approximately thirty percent of the world’s Martin Garrix fans are now old enough to drink.

Since bursting onto the music scene in 2013 with his smash hit single Animals, Garrix has built an army of fans, most of whom fall into the twelve to fourteen age bracket.

Now, five years on from his debut single, the first wave of Garrix fans have reached the age of eighteen and are eligible to drink in most countries in the world.

“This year is a really big year for Martin and his team,” claimed a representative of the International Age Agency. “Before now, the only fans he had who were old enough to drink or attend one of his shows were either weird adults or kids from a country that allows them to drink at sixteen and, believe me, having either of those in your fanbase is nothing to be proud of.”

“Now, for the very first time, Garrix has fans who are turning eighteen, and with that comes a lot of opportunities for him,” continued our source. “If he thinks things have been crazy and really busy for him for the last five years, wait until he sees how crazy the next five are going to be.”

“His fans are now old enough to drink, go to his shows without an accompanying adult and also spend their own money,” he revealed. “So now’s the time to pull them in, get them drunk and exploit them for every penny possible. Garrix is a rich young man, who is just about to get considerably richer.”

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“And just wait for another three years, when his American fans become old enough to drink, that’s when he really hits the big time.”

Reports suggest that Garrix, now old enough to drink for four years, is set to announce a massive world tour, where he will play in a giant inflatable Harry Potter themed arena, to celebrate his fans coming of age.

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