Man Suffers Third Degree Burns To Hands After Excessive Use Of Fire Emoji

A man has been hospitalised with third-degree burns to his hands after excessive use of the fire emoji caused his mobile phone to burst into flames.

Paul Sanderson, who was reportedly “lit to bits” when the incident happened, is in currently being treated in hospital where he is said to be in a stable condition.

“I’m not really sure what happened,” one eyewitness explained “ One minute, Sandy (Sanderson) was just sitting there with his phone in hand, and the next, he was engulfed in a massive fireball. Honestly, I think he’s lucky to get away with burnt hands. He could have been killed.”

Mobile phone records show that, moments before his phone burst into flames, Mr Sanderson updated his Facebook with a status claiming he was “On it tonight” which he then followed up with eight fire emojis.

According to fire investigator John Collins, anything over four fire emojis is considered reckless and a potential fire hazard.

“Every week we’re seeing more and more fires started by fire emojis,” Collins told Wunderground. “People don’t realise how dangerous they actually are. On their own, they’re perfectly safe, in twos or threes they can cause phones or devices to overheat but anything over four and you’re taking your life into your own hands.”

“I’ve never seen anyone go as far as eight,” he said with a genuine look of terror on his face. “How no one was killed I’ll never know.”

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Man Suffers Third Degree Burns To Hands After Excessive Use Of Fire Emoji

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