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Amnesia Finally Remember Paris Hilton Isn’t A Real DJ

Amnesia Finally Remember Paris Hilton Isn’t A Real DJ

Paris Hilton’s Amnesia residency has come to an abrupt end after the Ibiza club finally remembered she isn’t actually a real DJ.

Island sources have confirmed that Hilton’s night, Foam & Diamonds, is currently looking for a new home and may even be forced to leave Ibiza all together.

“Paris has had a good run the last few years and she knows it,” explained one source close to the hotel heiress. “Last season was her fifth consecutive season in Amnesia’s main room which, considering she isn’t actually a DJ, is a pretty awesome achievement.”

“She’s really enjoyed herself and there’s no way she’ll take a step backwards,” continued our source. “So, unless she can take the brand to a bigger and better venue, this is likely to be the last you’ll see of Foam & Diamonds. It’s just the natural evolution of Paris Hilton. She’ll pick something else she wants to do and spend tons of money to do it. So far, it’s looking like she’ll either try to become a spy or The President. Or, who knows, maybe even both.”

Wunderground was due to speak with an official Amnesia spokesperson but it seems they may have forgotten about our appointment. Instead, we spoke to Manuel Riba, a local locksmith.

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“I have never heard Paris Hilton DJing but I do like her golden hair,” he told us while happily looking at a picture of Hilton. “The summer is a great time for me and my family, over one hundred tourists lose their keys or smash their apartment locks in every day. I’m always busy and I make a lot of money so I hope it stays like that, regardless of what Hilton, Amnesia or anyone else on the island does.”

So far, Hilton has failed to comment on the end of her Amnesia residency although it is believed she may be set to fight the decision by preparing a bid to buy the entire club, more on this as we get it.

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