Amsterdam Sound Engineer Won’t Go To The Red Light

An Amsterdam based sound engineer has reportedly taken a life-long vow that will see him stay out of the red light for the remainder of his years.

Andrew van der Bink, who has worked in some of the city’s best known music venues, claims that his decision to stay away from the red light is both a moral and professional one.

“As a sound engineer, the whole ‘red light’ topic is definitely a bit of a touchy subject,” he told Wunderground earlier today. “When you add Amsterdam into that equation it becomes a bit spicier, so, I’ve taken the decision to stay out of the red light for the rest of my life to avoid confusion and make my everyday life a little bit less complicated.

“I’m constantly warning DJs and other artists to stay out of the red light and at the same time, I’m constantly warning my thirteen-year-old son to stay out of The Red Light so I have to be seen to be setting a good example for everyone,” continued the sound engineer. “Staying away is just easier for everyone concerned.”

“But it’s not just that, it’s very difficult to find inner peace with red lights in your life,” admitted van der Bink. “Sure, it might be fun, a lot of fun, but you have to think of the bigger picture. I should know, before I took my vow I was balls deep in red lights every weekend, literally, but now that I’ve made the change my life is so fulfilling, and boring.”

“Yeah, I might sit in my house watching mindless TV or quietly listening to music while fantasising about red lights, I’m actually doing it now, but that’s all it is to me now, a fantasy, and I’m very happy about that. I think,” he said with uncertainty. “It’s the quiet family life for me now and that’s all that I need. Although I will admit, I’d swap it all for one last wild red light night.”

According to reports, shortly after conducting this interview, Mr van de Bink was seen running, topless, in the direction of red lights, more on this as we get it.

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Amsterdam Sound Engineer Won’t Go To The Red Light

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