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Ancient Carvings Discovered In Cave Prove Dubstep Is Shite

Cave writing proves Dubstep is shite

Ancient carvings discovered in a cave in the Lake District, England, are believed to categorically prove that dubstep is shite.

Experts believe that the carvings are over twenty-five thousand years old and prove that our ancient ancestors had a far greater understanding of music than we initially believed.

Wunderground spoke to Time Team presenter, an anti-dubstep activist, Tony Robinson earlier, “These carvings have really flipped everything we once thought we knew about ancient civilisation in Britain on its head,” he told us. “What we’re looking at here is a society far more advanced than anything we thought existed in Britain at that time.”

“The carvings appear to show a number of people who look like they’re dancing,” continued Robinson. “We had no idea social gatherings like this happened around here twenty-five thousand years ago and we think this could be documented proof of Britain’s very first ever illegal rave.”

“The fascinating thing about them is that you can feel the energy of the people and they all look like they’re enjoying themselves,” claimed the TV personality. “So we’re pretty sure they were listening to some sort of music that isn’t dubstep because, as we all know, it’s pure shite.”

“In fact, if we look a little bit further into the cave we find another set of carvings. These ones look quite different to the others, they’re a little bit cruder and kind of look like they were scratched on with my Swiss Army penknife, but they clearly say ‘dubstep is shite’. We had no idea people at this time we’re able to read, write or form opinions on modern music, this is a real game changer.”

In related news, archaeologist groups have rubbished Robinson’s claims, insisting that the carvings do not prove dubstep is shite and only listening to dubstep can prove that it is shite.

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