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Barry Manilow To Be Named Third Member Of Disclosure

Barry Manilow to become third member of disclosure

In the most surprising news to emerge in the electronic music industry since American EDM fans discovered Calvin Harris was Scottish, Barry Manilow has officially been named as the third member of Disclosure.

Manilow, best known for looking like a seventy-year-old child, was named an honorary member of the group by brother’s Howard and Guy Lawrence earlier today.

“We’ve been thinking about bringing an extra body on board for a while now,” Howard told Wunderground earlier. “With us being brothers, things can seem a little crowded at times so we both feel that some outside input will help give the band a more rounded feel and help us adapt our sound to meet the demands of the modern music industry.”

“The fact that we’re brothers also meant that we didn’t want to just jump in and offer the position to any old chump,” claimed Guy. “We’d need someone with a good head on their shoulders, someone with a bit of mileage under their belt, someone with a good understanding of the music industry and, most importantly, someone with the Disclosure look.”

“We searched high and wide and, just as we were about to give up, we saw this fella who looked like an old age pensioner pixy on the telly,” Howard told us. “To be honest with you, neither of us really knew anything about Barry Manilow, apart from he’s done a few covers of Westlife tracks, but as soon as we saw him we knew he was the right man for the job, we asked our mum about him and found out he’s a bit of a legend, which is a total bonus.”

Wunderground also spoke to Manilow about his latest career move, “Well at this point in my life and career I guess it just feels right to make this change,” he told us. “I’m going full Disclosure, I absolutely love the boys, today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

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