Berghain Announce Travel List Of 196 Countries That Won’t Be Allowed Into Club

Berghain totally fucking mental

Berlin techno hotspot Berghain has announced that people from a list of one hundred and ninety-six countries will not be allowed entry to the club.

According to Berghain insiders, the list of countries is the first step to implementing a new “ultra strict” door policy at the club.

“Here at Berghain we feel that we’re slowly becoming a little bit too mainstream,” revealed the club’s creative director Klaus Blac. “No matter how hard we make it to get in, we just keep getting more and more popular, the whole point of making the club notoriously hard to get into wasn’t to make it an exclusive hangout spot for all of the coolest clubbers, it was to stop people trying to get in but it’s really backfired on us.”

“Now we’ve introduced ‘the list’ so we’re hoping this will help us get back to being the underground mecca that we really want to be,” continued Blac. “It’s a pretty extensive list, it covers all of the world’s major continents. We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, we really don’t judge anyone based on their race, nationality, sexuality or religion, we like to refuse everyone equally so we’ve included every single country in the world on our list.”

“This will make it practically impossible for anyone to get into Berghain unless you’re on the guestlist, which is pretty much nonexistent,” he explained. “After a few months, when we’ve started to notice the new policies working, we might start to take random and obscure countries off the list and let a small number of people back into the club but if you’re thinking about visiting anytime soon, I wouldn’t bother.”

According to reports, a fully grown adult will no have a better chance of getting into an Airfix model aeroplane than they will of getting into Berghain.

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