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Berlin Nightclub To Ban Burqas – Gimp Masks Still Acceptable

Berlin Nightclub To Ban Burqas – Gimp Masks Still Acceptable

A popular Berlin nightclub has announced that it is set to ban the Burqa this winter but has confirmed that gimp masks will still be perfectly acceptable.

The club, which has asked to remain anonymous until an official announcement has been made, claims that the safety of its patrons is the only factor in banning the burqa.

“How often do you see a guy in chaps, chains, straps and a gimp mask carrying out a terrorist attack?” asked a club spokesperson. “Almost never. Women in Burqas, on the other hand, is a totally different story. I’ve never actually seen one carry out a terrorist attack but I’m guessing it’s happened before.”

“It’s not about racism or attacking people’s cultures, it’s about safety and protecting our own culture,” continued the spokesperson. “If I wanted to go to a club in Persia or somewhere over there, they wouldn’t let me wear my favorite, crocodile skin gimp mask with tiny penis shaped zips. So, if they want to come to a club here, they can’t wear their burqa. Simple.”

“If they want to keep their faces hidden they are welcome to wear a gimp mask or any other sort of kinky leather, or even PVC, face cover. They have so many options, the best thing about Berlin is that you can literally wear whatever you want to a club and you won’t be judged, as long as it’s not a burqa.”

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According to Sara, a burqa-wearing German citizen, the decision to ban burqas from the nightclub is deeply upsetting but won’t affect her too much.

“I’m sad because it means I will never be able to go to that club,” she told us. “But, at the same time, I don’t really care because there’s no way I would ever go to that club anyway. Allah help me, the things that go on in these places would scare me to death, I’d need a blindfold to go in there, not a burqa.”

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