Black Coffee And Tame Impala Announce New Petting Zoo Collab

South Africa’s greatest ever DJ, Black Coffee, and Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala have announced that they will be collaborating on a brand new petting zoo later this year.

While details on the joint venture are still somewhat unclear, it is believed that the petting zoo will be located on the outskirts of Durban, in close proximity to Black Coffee’s childhood home.

“Impala’s are a pretty big deal here in South Africa,” Black Coffee claimed during a recent interview with Wunderground. “People think Springboks are the only antelopes in South Africa but we actually have loads of different types and Impalas are by far my favourite.”

“I’ve wanted to work with them for years but anytime I’ve got them round the studio I just end up chasing them and cleaning up their shit all day so I’ve decided to settle for the next best thing and work with Tame Impala,” continued the DJ. “I’ll probably still have to clean up their shit but at least I won’t have to chase them around the place.”

“There isn’t really a whole lot of crossover between the band and myself so we’ve decided to scrap the music and open a petting zoo,” Black Coffee told us. “We’ll have thousands of Impalas running around the place, some of them will be tame and some of them will be wilder than a night out in an Amsterdam brothel with MK after a couple of Viagra.”

“We’ll also have a number of state of the art zero gravity coffee bars,” claimed the DJ. “They’re pretty much like normal coffee bars but we import the water straight from Ibiza, serve the coffee without milk and charge ten times the normal price.”

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Black Coffee And Tame Impala Announce New Petting Zoo Collab

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