Facebook Dance Music Group Now World’s Most Hostile Place

A dance music group on Facebook has been named as the world’s most hostile place in a recent survey by National Geographic.

According to reports, the group, which originated in Dublin, Ireland, has raced to the top of this year’s poll, ousting last year’s top dog Alleppo, Syria, on the number one spot.

“We’ve been doing the poll for almost three decades now and we’ve never had a place that isn’t actually a physical place feature on it before, let alone come in the top spot,” explained National Geographic Vice President Mike Jenkins. “The location generally moves around quite a lot, recent years have seen it be Alleppo, Baghdad, Kabul, Detroit and San Salvador so to have it as a Facebook group is a real turn up for the books.”

According to reports, the chance of picking up physical injuries in the Facebook group are extremely rare although hurt feeling and sore egos are a very frequent occurrence.

One group member, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear for his reputation, spoke to Wunderground earlier, “Man, that group is a dog eat dog world,” he told us. “You don’t want to be going in there, sharing opinions that aren’t the same as at least eighty percent of the group, you’ll get ripped to shreds,”

“If you’re not in with one of the cliques, or wolf packs as we like to call them, you can forget about having any input, no one wants to hear you’re shite. Unless you can get people gigs or exposure, you’re just another muppet and you’ll be told as much.”

According to Philip Holmes, a war veteran and anthropologist, the group is full of “pathetic virgins” who take joy out of bullying and trolling fellow members.

“I’ve seen some of the most war torn cities in the world but this group is easily the most horrible place I’ve ever seen,” claimed Holmes. “If bitchy comments were bullets, passive aggressive digs were mortars and opinionated nobodies were soldiers we’d be looking at a death toll bigger than all of the other major wars in the last five hundred years combined.”

If you have been affected by abuse in a Facebook group, don’t worry, most people who give abuse in Facebook groups are losers and only do so because they’ve got nothing better to do.

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Facebook Dance Music Group Now World’s Most Hostile Place

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