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Bloke Who Plays Songs At Weddings Thinks He’s A DJ

Guy playing tunes at Wedding thinks he's a dj

A bloke who plays songs at weddings has caused a stir in the music industry by claiming that he is an actual DJ.

Michael Hardy, a.k.a. Spin Master Mike, made the claims during a recent conversation with a fellow DJ in a pub smoking area last weekend.

Wunderground spoke to Hardy earlier, “I am a real DJ,” he insisted. “It’s my job, I actually get paid to do it which is more than half of these other so called DJs can say, just because I spin my tunes at a wedding and not in clubs to crowds of people off their tits on drugs doesn’t make me less of a DJ. If anything it’s much harder to play to wedding crowds, where only half the people are off their heads on drugs.”

“Most of these dicks who say I’m not a real DJ have never even played outside their bedroom,” continued Hardy. “I’ve got my own sound system, my own controller, the latest version of Virtual DJ, my own lighting rig and my own smoke machine and they say I’m not a real DJ, they need to get their heads checked mate, I’m more of a DJ than all of them put together.”

“Is he fuck a DJ,” claimed Aaron Holmes, who claims to be a real DJ. “I was chatting with him and when I asked him what type of tunes he played he said ‘mostly chart, a bit of 70s and some 80s’. I asked him was it tough to mix all of that together and he told me he doesn’t mix he just plays one tune after the next and says a bit of shit on the mic, he can fuck right off if he thinks that makes him a DJ, he’s basically a glorified iPod.”

According to experts, other DJs who are actually “fake DJs” include, “twenty-first DJs”, radio presenters and Steve Aoki.

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