Cercle To Live Stream DJ Set From Your Mum’s House

The internet’s best-known streamer of DJ sets from random locations, Cercle, have announced that their next venture will see them live streaming from your mum’s house.

Reports suggest that the live stream could take place as soon as “this Saturday” if your mum can be convinced to tidy up and do her washing between now and then.

Cercle spokesperson Jim Roundey spoke to Wunderground earlier, “We’re really excited by the prospect of streaming live from your mum’s house,” he told us. “We like to push the boundaries and take our streams to places that people have never seen before so your mum’s house is literally the perfect location for our next project.”

Roundey confirmed that the shoot in your mum’s house will be their “most technical live stream yet” with “panoramic views of the kitchen, multiple bedroom cams and back garden drone footage”.

“No expense has been spared, we’ve pulled out all the stops and we’re sure that the time spent in your mum’s house will live long in the memories of everyone who attends or sees the footage on the internet,” continued Roundey. “All going well, this could even be the first in a series of visits to your mum’s house.”

Sources close to your mum have confirmed that preparation for the event is already well underway.

“Theresa (your mum) has already set the wheels in motion for what is looking like being an absolute cracker of an event,” claimed your aunt. “Most of the hoovering is already done, she’s bought an extra large box of tea bags, six loaves of bread and enough cheese and ham to feed a small army. Once the grass is cut and the curtains are washed we’ll be good to go.”

Cercle have warned that the event in your mum’s house is strictly invitation only and anyone who is not on the list will be refused entry, unless they’re a friend of the family, just popping in for a chat because they were in the area or Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to spread the good word.

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Cercle To Live Stream DJ Set From Your Mum’s House

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