Clubber Happy To Pay £20 To Watch People Record DJs On Their Phones

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A clubber has claimed he is happy to pay twenty pounds into a nightclub to stand around and have his view obscured by people recording the DJ on their phones.

Alan Stuart, from London, England, claimed that it’s just “a part of modern clubbing” and people who don’t appreciate it are probably just “too old to be on SnapChat or Instagram”.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all,” explained Stuart earlier today. “I’ve no desire to see the DJ while I’m in the club, I’ll just hold my phone higher than the people in front of me and I’ll have hours of footage of them to watch when I get home and upload them to facebook, Insta or Snapchat.”

“There’s always haters making comments about the videos but, honestly, I think they’re all probably just old fuddy duddies,” continued Stuart, a twenty two year old trainee barber. “The only reason I go to these gigs is so I can let people know I’ve been to them, I guess for these old people it wasn’t like that back in the day, they probably had to actually tell people they’d been there by talking if they wanted them to know. How caveman is that?”

“They just don’t realise that it’s about portraying how amazing your life is on social media, not the music,” claimed the twenty two year old. “You get yourself on fleek, pick whatever event has the most people attending on it’s Facebook event page, make sure you’ve got some data and a full battery and you’re ready to start pretending you’re having a good night.”

“The real fun only starts when you get all of your videos up and the likes and comments start to roll in,” he revealed. “Half of the time I don’t even know who the DJs are until after I’ve put up a video showing how on point their gig was.”

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