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Craig David Walks Off Stage After Crowd Refuse To Say “Bo Selecta”

Craig David Walks Off Stage After Crowd Refuse To Say “Bo Selecta”

Craig David has reportedly stormed off the stage at a recent show after the crowd refused to say “Bo Selecta” during his performance.

David, best known for a string of seedy affairs with women, often sleeping with them just two days after meeting them, claimed that he has never felt as embarrassed as he did during the gig.

“You know when someone leaves you hanging for a high five?” the singer asked during a chat with Wunderground. “Well, imagine getting left hanging by ten thousand people at the same time, with all of them looking at you like you’re some kind of weirdo. That hurts man, I felt like such a nincompoop.”

“I don’t know where I lost the crowd,” David said reflectively. “I’ve been playing it out over and over again in my mind but it just doesn’t make sense, they should have said ‘Bo Selcta’. Why didn’t they say ‘Bo Selecta’? I need to just walk away and go shag something before I lose my mind, I’ll be back on Sunday.”

According to witnesses, the organisers of the World War II Commemoration Concert made a “real mistake” when booking David to perform.

Annie Gardener, who was there to represent her late great grandfather, claimed she was the only person in the crowd who actually knew who the singer was.

“I’m a huge Craig David fan, I’ve seen him loads of times but, I’m sorry, that whole gig was just horrible,” she told us. “Don’t get me wrong, he was brilliant but nobody knew who he was, these things normally have old dolls singing The White Cliffs of Dover or some shit like that, not Craig David belting outRewind or Can You Fill Me In?, it just didn’t seem appropriate for a commemorative concert.”

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