Every DJ Duo Consists Of 1 With Talent & 1 Absolute Wreck-Head – Study Reveals

Following a recent study conducted by the Association of DJ Duos (ADDJ), it has been confirmed that every DJ duo on the planet consists of one articulate, intelligent, technically gifted musician, and one ket-monster, there for the free drugs, booze and groupies.

The main focus of the study surrounded Swiss duo Adriatique, who met on hit TV show Beauty and the Geek back in 2008.

“I know everything there is to know about sound engineering, modern technology, music production and how to deliver the perfect set – so I went on the show to bag myself a worldie,” announced Adrian Schweizer.

“When I set eyes on Adrian Shala, I knew he was the one, but I also knew what I was letting myself in for when we formed Adriatique. He parties all night and drinks all day. I don’t think there’s even been a line un-sniffed or a groupie un-fingered with him in the booth. He completes me”.

Not all DJ duos have such unique understanding as Adriatique, though – with the study highlighting huge problems between the Tale of Us boys, Carm and Matteo.

“I do all the work,” said an angry Carm. “Matteo only comes along to get a free hat”.

The ADDJ report went on to confirm the Martinez Brothers are seeing a councilor as neither can admit to being the wreck-head.

The most revealing insight surrounds lovable duo Ant & Dec, who were lined up the be the next resident DJs in Amensia, Ibiza, until Ant took things too far and needed to be checked into rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, leaving Dec a lonely old spinster TV host, shattering his dreams of becoming the next David Guetta.

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Every DJ Duo Consists Of 1 With Talent & 1 Absolute Wreck-Head – Study Reveals

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