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Dance Music In Mourning As Atmosphere At Drum ‘N’ Bass Night Pronounced Dead

Dance Music In Mourning As Atmosphere At Drum ‘N’ Bass Night Pronounced Dead

The wider dance music community has been left in mourning this afternoon after the atmosphere at a drum ‘n’ bass night was officially pronounced dead.

Brum ‘N’ Bass, Birmingham’s seventeenth most popular drum ‘n’ bass brand, will no longer be hosting events after the night recorded it’s worst ever turnout, with only six people attending.

“Birmingham used to be a good city for a bit of drum ‘n’ bass,” claimed promoter Rob O’Neill. “But, nowadays, all anyone wants to hear is bassy tech house and unless you’re willing to book Hannah Wants, no one’s gonna come to your parties.”

“When I first started Brum ‘N’ Bass, it was a total fucking roadblock,” continued O’Neill. “My parties used to sell out every week and the atmosphere was wicked. Now, I’ve just had three consecutive parties with less than ten people at each one, it seems like the scene has moved on and left us behind.”

“I hate to admit it but the atmosphere was completely dead,” he said miserably. “So, I’ve decided that now’s the time to call it a day, I’m pulling the plug, Brum ‘N’ Bass is no more.”

According to Matt Harkin, a twenty-one-year-old DJ from Birmingham, the loss of one of the city’s longest running drum ‘n’ bass events will be hard on the local scene.

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“It’s always sad when a club night dies,” Harkin explained. “I heard Brum ‘N’ Bass was just about to celebrate its seventh birthday. Why are the good ones always taken so young? I played my first ever gig there, same with my older brother, it was like family to us.”

“But to be honest, it’s been hard watching it dying over the last six months, every party was just getting weaker and weaker until eventually, it was completely dead. In a weird way, I’m actually kind of relieved now that it’s gone.”

Sources have confirmed there will be a small remembrance service for Brum ‘N’ Bass held in Cannon Hill Park this Saturday. Mourners are recommended to bring their own drink and drugs as none will be available at the event.

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