David Guetta Overheard Telling Taxi Driver That He’s An “Underground DJ”

France’s most famous export since French onion soup, David Guetta, has reportedly been overheard telling an Amsterdam taxi driver that he is an “underground DJ”.

Guetta, in town for the annual DJ Mag Top 100 results party, is believed to have sparked a conversation after hearing the taxi driver singing along to Adam Beyer and Bart Skils’ massive 2018 hit Your Mind.

Wunderground spoke to the taxi driver earlier, “I’m not sure who the French guy was but he was really keen to let me know that he was an underground DJ,” he told us. “I think his name was Daniel or Damian or David or something. Anyway, he didn’t shut up talking about how he was going to take the world by storm and become the biggest underground DJ in the world in the next two years.”

“Naturally, as a cab driver, I hear people coming out with all types of horseshit,” continued the driver. “And, you know what they say, ‘everyone’s a DJ nowadays’, especially during ADE, so I just did what I always do, sat there, smiled, nodded and occasionally chuckled when I thought he was making a joke. It worked too, he gave me a really nice tip, he seemed like a pretty decent guy.”

According to reports, Guetta, best known for being able to see his house from the Tomorrowland stage, is looking to fully rebrand his image and will use ADE as a stepping stone on his journey back into the underground.

A member of the Frenchman’s PR team also spoke to Wunderground, “David’s been through a bit of a midlife crisis over the past decade or so and now he’s really keen to get back to his roots and be seen as an underground DJ again.”

“Over the coming weeks and months, he’s going to do what all of the underground DJs do, most notably dress in black and take ketamine, starting this week at ADE,” our source revealed. “You’ll be likely to spot him hanging out at some of the biggest underground events in the city, with his USB ready, just in case he gets the chance to spin some tracks.”

Experts are predicting that Guetta will go full circle and headline a major underground event within the next eighteen months, because he’s rich, and rich people generally get to do whatever the fuck they like.

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David Guetta Overheard Telling Taxi Driver That He’s An “Underground DJ”

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