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DJ Decides To Just Live In Airport

DJ Decides To Just Live In Airport

A DJ who spends up to forty hours per week traveling between gigs and a further fifteen hours per week waiting around airports has made the decision to just live in an airport.

Scott Brennan, aka The Flying Scotsman, has been constantly touring the world for the last ten years and now believes it is time for him to take a step back and settle down.

However, Mr Brennan fears that he has become somewhat institutionalised by his lifestyle and fears the only way he will be able to find a place where he feels comfortable is if he lives in an airport.

Wunderground spoke to the DJ earlier, “The last few years have really been a million miles an hour, it’s been so hectic that I don’t really remember what life before 2008 was actually like, pretty much all I know now is nightclubs, hotels and airports and I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable leaving my comfort zone.”

“I’ve been to look at apartments but I just get a wave of anxiety over me everytime I think about living in one,” continued the DJ. “Then I thought about living in a nightclub or a hotel, but they’d be too expensive or loud, so they’re not real options.”

“The only place I feel like I could be really comfortable is in an airport,” he explained. “Think about it, they’ve got everything you need, bathrooms, food, shops, and there’s always somewhere quiet where you can get you’re head down for a few hours when you need a kip. It’s perfect, the rent is fuck all and, if you’ve seen the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, you’ll know they’re a right good laugh too.”

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According to Mr Brennan’s girlfriend, Angela, there is ”no fucking chance” she will be moving in with him if he chooses to live in an airport.

“Is he fucking serious?” she asked Wunderground. “An airport? Fuck off. I thought we’d be living in a mansion by now, not sleeping rough at some poxy departure gate. If he thinks I’ll be going with him he can think again.”

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