DJs Beware: Don’t Try This At Home – Epic DJ Fails

Because of the ever growing number of ‘DJs’ turning out sub standard performances, being removed from stage and just generally being morons, we’ve decided to put a list together of some of the things that make these so called DJs look like absolute idiots. Here’s Wundergroud’s ultimate DJ Fails.

First up is using stupid gimmicky props. If you’re any good and you know how to mix you won’t need them. Not only that, if you take it as far as Steve Aoki, you could end up seriously injured, trampolines are a definite no go.

The words Paris Hilton and DJ should never, ever be used in the same sentence, unless they are part of the headline, ‘Paris Hilton Murdered By DJ In Hotel Blood Bath.’ The hotel whoress makes our list for having the nerve to have someone hiding behind the DJ booth and mixing for her.

Pressing the wrong button has been a constant thorn in the side of DJs. If you’re a DJ who only knows how to press one button – the play button – this can be a real problem. David Guetta gave us a perfect example of why knowing which button to press is important. Watch as he fails, saves it and then fails again.

Having hissy fits on stage does not make for good viewing. Here’s Skrillex absolutely losing the plot after spilling a drink. His dummy, in the shape of a laptop, is absolutely launched from his pram. Don’t you usually just drop the bass Skrillex? Not on this occasion!

If you have any friends of the over enthusiastic or clumsy variety, don’t let them any where near your set up. Check out this absolute tool totally destroy all the equipment and everybody’s night in one fell swoop!

This next entry makes it onto our list for two reasons. First off, she obviously taught most of the other DJs on the list how to mix, which in itself is a fail on a colossal scale. Reason number two is that she clearly doesn’t have a breeze what she’s doing, better sign her up for the main stage at Tomorrowland quick!

Cables are a massively important part of any DJ’s set up. In fact, ever since the introduction of electricity into everyday life, back in the 19th century, cables have been a must in the world of electronic devices. Without them, using these devices is a waste of time, it simply wont work, it will however make you look like an absolute spanner!

We started with him and we’ll finish with him. Here’s another epic DJ fail from EDM clown Steve Aoki. This one speaks for itself! (Like/Tweet to unlock the video)


Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know, and feel free to share!

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DJs Beware: Don’t Try This At Home – Epic DJ Fails

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