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DJ Motivating Self For Small Gig With Inspirational Line Of Coke

DJ Motivating Self For Small Gig With Inspirational Line Of Coke

A local Dj has revealed that an inspirational line of coke is the perfect motivation for any small gig.

Andrew Barclay, a DJ who has achieved a small amount of local fame, confirmed that he is always up for every gig, no matter how big or small, thanks to the motivational power of his favourite white powder.

“I’ve been using coke as inspiration for all of my gigs for about three years now,” explained Barclay during a chat with Wunderground earlier today. “I find it really helps. No matter how big or small the gig is, two or three lines in the backstage area and I’m raring to go. I also find that if the coke belongs to one of the promoters it actually seems to work even better.”

“I used to depend on the energy of the crowd, the chance to play on a big sound system and the prospect of boosting my profile to motivate me for gigs,” continued Barkley, a regular on the east Norfolk deep house circuit, “but after a while you get sick of those things and you have to look elsewhere for motivation, for a while I was using attention from women as motivation but, to be honest, the birds around here aren’t all that great so after a while I started to use coke instead.”

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“It’s so much better than birds for a number of reasons; you don’t have to buy it any drinks, it won’t ask you to play any stupid requests and it doesn’t need taxi fare home on Sunday morning. It’s pretty much perfect,” claimed the DJ. “The only bad thing about it is that it eventually runs out, but hopefully by that point you’ll have finished your set and you’ll be drinking the headliners rider while he’s playing. It’s a tough game but you find motivation where you can.”

“One time I got a little mixed up and accidentally tried to motivate myself with some ketamine,” revealed the DJ. “I ended up playing a thirty two beat loop of the same track for about forty five minutes. Luckily the whole crowd seemed to be using ketamine to motivate themselves too so nobody seemed to notice.”

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