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DJ Still Shit Despite Getting Verified Social Media Account

Shit DJ gets verified account on social media

An up and coming EDM DJ is reportedly still shit despite getting a number of verified social media accounts.

Hans Airfield, a.k.a. DJ Hans In The Air, now has a blue tick beside his name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

“It’s totally awesome to finally have my social media accounts verified,” claimed Hans during a chat with Wunderground. “I’ve been DJing for almost fourteen months now and I’ve been waiting to get those ticks beside my name for the majority of that time. It’s a real relief to know that my fans will know that anything that pops up on my socials is genuinely from me and not some imposter.”

“I’ve got about one point two million likes and followers across all of my platforms,” continued Hans. “Almost twenty thousand of those are actually real so I have a certain responsibility to those fans, now that I’ve been verified I finally feel like I’m doing right by those guys. I guess you could say that today is the first day of the rest of my career.”

Wunderground also spoke to Chris Stevenson, a dance music fan who heard Hans In The Air, play at a recent music festival, “I knew that guy was verified as soon as I saw him. Verified fucking shit that is,” he told us. “I was accompanying my sixteen-year-old nephew to a festival a couple of months ago when I was unfortunate enough to see the little cretin playing. It was awful, not even the hordes of scantily clad birds bouncing around to his shitty music could make up for how shit he was.”

“I’ve been going to raves for the last twenty years and I’ve never seen someone show so much disrespect to the scene as this schmuck,” revealed Stevenson. “Honestly, I don’t even know how he has the cheek to call himself a DJ, I didn’t see him mix single track, all he did was talk shite on the mic, jump up and down and put his hands in the air. It’s a good smack of a blue truck this lad needs, not a blue tick.”

In related news, David Guetta is set to have his verified ticks removed after it was confirn=med that no one on the planet, including Guetta, has a fucking clue what he does while he is performing on stage.

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