DJ Who Constantly Projects Positive Energy Has Decks Stolen

A DJ who believes he will reach the top of the industry by constantly projecting positive energy has reportedly had his decks and mixer stolen from his house.

Matt Darcy, a twenty-four-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, is said to be upset but upbeat after losing his brand new Pioneer set up earlier today.

“I woke up this morning and noticed my apartment had been broken into and all of my DJing equipment was gone,” Darcy explained to Wunderground. “They took my CDJs, my mixer, my speakers, my laptop, they got everything, I only bought that stuff a couple of weeks ago and now it’s gone. I’m pretty much heartbroken.”

“Part of me just wants to cry, another part of me wants to go out and smash someone up with a baseball bat, but deep down I know that everything will be alright because positive energy will get me through this,” continued Darcy, who read The Secret in 2013. “It was positive energy that got me the decks in the first place, that and saving my ass off and taking out a big bank loan, and it’ll be positive energy that gets me over losing them.”

“I’ve a feeling that if I send out enough positive vibes, these decks might just find their way back to me at some point in the future,” claimed the naive DJ. “I’m not even going to bother reporting it to the police or anything, I’m just going to send out positivity and let karma take the lead on this one, I’ll probably have them back by the end of the week.”

According to Phil “The Weasel” Browne, the man who stole Darcy’s decks, he uses negative energy to get what he wants.

“This whole positive energy thing is a load of shit,” scoffed the thief. “I’m going down the opposite root altogether, I use negative energy to get what I want. I identify it, then I go out and take it and so far it’s worked every time.”

“Sure, I might have to go out and steal it which sometimes make me feel a little bit bad for a couple of minutes,” admitted the thief. “But, that usually wears off once I sell whatever it is I’ve stolen and bought some crack.”

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DJ Who Constantly Projects Positive Energy Has Decks Stolen

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