Homeless DJ Only Wants To Play House

A homeless DJ has revealed that it is his life’s ambition to play house music, even if it is confined to his own bedroom, in a house.

The Dublin based DJ, who was forced onto the street due to the actions of wealthy and greedy people in the corporate world, admits that it has been “very difficult” to follow his dreams while living in a tent on the banks of the city’s Royal Canal.

“I did manage to hold onto my equipment for a few months after I lost my gaff,” explained Brian, thirty-two. “I kept it all in a friend’s house and I was going to move it into my tent eventually but there just isn’t enough room for a set of decks and a mixer, along with the lack of security and power it didn’t make sense so, in the end, I sold them for a fraction of what they were worth.”

“At least I got a few hot meals and a week or two in a hostel out of them,” continued Brian. “It takes desperate times like these to make you really appreciate the little things in life, it’s mad to think, when I was DJing and I had my house, I used to go for days on end, trying to avoid going to bed at all costs, but once you lose everything, you realise how precious those things are.”

“Now, I’m at the point where I just want to get myself back into the house scene, preferably in a house, but I’d settle for an apartment or anywhere that was safe and dry,” revealed the homeless DJ. “I’ve been trying to beat match using two sets of headphones, my phone and an MP3 player someone gave me on the street but it’s just not the same. Most ringtones don’t follow a four-four beat so it’s practically impossible to mix them.”

According to statistics, one in four bedroom DJs is at risk of losing their “bedroom status” as the country faces its worst homelessness crisis in the history of the state.

If you would like to make a donation to help a homeless DJ, or anyone else who has found themselves living on the streets, click here now.

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Homeless DJ Only Wants To Play House

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