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DJs Just As Scared Of You As You Are Of Them

DJs Just As Scared Of You As You Are Of Them

A recent report by the Internationals DJs Alliance, or the IDA, has confirmed that DJs are just as scared of you as you are of them.

According to the report, DJs suffer from all of the same social anxieties and awkwardness as regular people and are just as prone to nerves and shyness as other non-DJing people.

IDA spokesperson Rhys O’Donnell spoke to Wunderground, “A lot of people put DJs up on some sort of imaginary pedestal and think of them as these super confident demigods when, in reality, they’re actually just normal people and are every bit as pathetic as me and you.”

“The next time you see your favourite DJ in a club and you want to approach them but you’re not sure what you’ll say or you’re worried that you might get a little bit star-struck when you try to talk to them, just remember they’re every bit as scared of you as you are of them,” continued O’Donnell. “Just like spiders or snakes, only DJs aren’t poisonous, unless you count chlamydia as a poison.”

“From the biggest DJs in the world right down to the brand new resident playing their first ever warm-up set, they’re most likely terrified that they’ll trainwreck a mix or empty a room,” explained O’Donnell. “Our research suggests that dealing with the public, as a DJ, is actually one of the most terrifying jobs in the world, even more so than a soldier or Paris Hilton’s bikini line waxer.”

Wunderground also spoke to outspoken head melt DJ Sneak, “Man I absolutely shit bricks every time a fan approaches me,” he confirmed. “That’s why I always seem like such a rude dickhead, it’s like an automatic defence mechanism that kicks in, I don’t mean to be an insufferable shitpot, it just happens, I’m actually quite a nice guy.”

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