Doctors Confirm That Being A Tech House Fan May Be Hereditary

Doctors have confirmed that being a tech house fan could be caused by a hereditary shit taste in music.

According to research, over half of tech house fans come from families with parents or grandparents whose musical preference is believed to be questionable.

Brian Dempsey, who holds a doctorate in music technology and independently carried out all of the research, believes that the majority of the world’s tech house fans were predestined to be tech house fans.

“It’s the classic nature versus nurture debate,” Dempsey told Wunderground. “Are tech house fans a product of their environment or a product of their genetics? I’m very much of the opinion that genetics determine whether or not a human turns out to be a tech house fan.”

However, not everyone agrees with Mr Dempsey’s theory, with a number of people claiming that tech house fandom is normally due to poor life choices.

“Being a techno fan isn’t down to your genetics, it’s down to going down the wrong path in life,” claimed one chin-stroking techno fan. “Sure, a lot of them probably didn’t have much of a chance and came from families that have been ravaged by bad taste in music but, at some point in their lives, they’ve turned to tech house for comfort.”

“We can’t blame that on genetics, otherwise anyone whose parents grew up in the eighties, with all of its shit music, would undoubtedly be a tech house fan now, which, come to think of it, isn’t actually too far from the truth. Maybe, I’m wrong.”

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Doctors Confirm That Being A Tech House Fan May Be Hereditary

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