Doctors Prescribing Drumcode Radio As Cure For Insomnia

Reports from Scandinavia suggest that Swedish doctors are now prescribing episodes of the Drumcode Radio show as a cure for insomnia.

Medical reports claim that trials using Adam Beyer’s weekly podcast as a sleeping aid have had near perfect results, with 98% of patients involved in the trial experiencing a minimum of eight hours sleep.

According to one medical researcher, using Drumcode Radio show episodes as a cure for insomnia is a sentiment to modern medical thinking.

“It’s no secret, medicine and clubbing culture are now very much connected,” the researcher told us. “It all started with medicinal marijuana, then we started to hear of trials involving MDMA, quickly followed by trials involving magic mushrooms to treat depression and now we’ve got techno being used as a cure for insomnia.”

“There is a line between party culture and clubbing and medicine but, at the moment, it’s so blurred that it’s extremely hard to see, we’re expecting every big medical breakthrough that is made in the next fifteen to twenty years to somehow be linked to dance music, we already believe that a chemical found in Ricardo Villalobos’s saliva can be used to treat warts, it truly is fascinating stuff.”

Adam Beyer, widely regarded as the music industry’s best-rested man, believes that the latest breakthrough is just the tip of the iceberg and expects his Drumcode Radio podcast to be an extremely valuable asset to the world of medicine.

“As far as I’m concerned, the key to good health is a good night’s sleep,” Beyer told Wunderground today. “I’m actually seventy-four years old, I’ve been listening to my music every day for the last twenty years, sleeping a minimum of nine hours a day and now I look and feel like a man thirty years my younger.”

While Drumcode Radio currently has a success rate of almost 98% as a treatment for insomnia, the other 2% of the people it was tested on ended up “out out” after listening to the show, often going for an extra five or six days with no sleep.

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Doctors Prescribing Drumcode Radio As Cure For Insomnia

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