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Ebeneezer Goode Found Dead After Ecstasy Overdose

Ebeneezer Goode Found Dead After Ecstasy Overdose

Nineties cult hero Ebeneezer Goode has been found dead in his home after suffering a suspected ecstasy overdose.

The grim discovery was made late yesterday evening by friends of Mr. Goode, in his apartment in Shordeitch, London.

Goode rose to fame in 1992 after being the star of The Shaman’s UK number-one hit single, aptly named Ebeneezer Goode. However, fame came at a price for Goode, who has spent the last twenty two years on an epic ecstasy binge.

Frontman for the Scottish psychedelic electronic band, Mr. C, spoke about the untimely death of his friend, “It’s not surprising really. Ebeneezer loved to take pills and if he had of been able to choose how he made the trip upstairs I’m pretty sure this would have been it.”

“His friends called him Ezeer and he was our main geezer,” continued an emotional Mr. C, real name Richard West. “I can still remember his bittersweet face as he vibed about the place. He was refined and sublime and he always made you feel fine. Sometimes he was misunderstood but if you knew Ezeer you’d know that he was a real crowd pleaser. He was ever so good, he was Ebeneezer Goode.”

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“He was a gentlemen of leisure who was always there for your pleasure,” said Mr. C while fighting back tears. “Some would say he was an extraordinary fellow, and they’d be right. He was the kind of bloke you could sense in a crowd whenever he was around,” claimed Mr. C before breaking down into a fit of tears. “He always got the party rocking and he’ll be sorely missed,” he added before drying his eyes, turing to a large group of people behind him and shouting, “Has anybody got any veras? Lovely.”

Close friends of Mr. Goode’s, Mr. Raider and Mr. Vain, have confirmed that Ebeneezer will be cremated with his ashes to be spread over the site of a disused warehouse in Essex, where Mr. Goode is believed to have taken his first pill. There will also be a plaque erected in his honour at the site which will be inscribed with “Naughty, naughty, very naughty.Ha ha ha ha ha” which was once written by a great philosopher and became one of Ebeneezer’s most used phrases.

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  • Total bullshit. He was with me yesterday afternoon. Boarded a bus to London and was chatting to me this morning Via facebook. Take this disgraceful attempt to attract traffic down Disgusting scumbags

    • Besides this article is about Ebenezer Goode, not Mr. C, who is ‘quoted’ in the article

    • If the fictional character “died” yesterday evening then I doubt they had a time to “quote” Mr.C. Also the character Ebenezer Goode was a cover not a person.

      • Maybe he was your imaginary friend because, judging by the fact that you brain is fried beyond the point where you have the ability to spot a blatant joke and tell the difference between fiction and reality, I’d say you spent a lot of time with old Ezeer. Were they good? Moron.

      • They got in touch with me straight away, but there’s great news…
        In a personal message from God, I’m told that Ebeneezer Goode is actually the new Messiah & will rise from the dead in 2 days time.
        Of course I’m thoroughly relieved & excited about this wonderful news. :p

    • “He was with me yesterday afternoon”

      Was he wearing that fucking top hat and cloak?

    • To be fair to Eezer, he spent his last few years as a bus driver for London Metro. I often joked with him about his drug fuelled days back in the 90s but all he could say was ‘I was the main geezer!’ He will be missed R.I.P. Eezer.

      • In fairnness the lad who wrote it was dead serious, he’s removed his name since. He also went on a rant all over our facebook page and after realising he was wrong has deleted all the comments he made since.


    In a personal message from God, I’m told that Ebeneezer Goode is actually the new Messiah & will rise from the dead in 2 days time.

    Of course I’m thoroughly relieved & excited about this wonderful news. :p

    Love from Mr.C

  • I was supposed to be hooking up with him this weekend.
    That has pretty much fucked my plans up.
    RIP Mr Muchmisunderstood

  • So sick of the term “ecstasy”. As a former psychedelic chemist this generalization gives MDMA a bad name as “ecstasy” can be anything and everything under the sun pressed into a pill made of binders along side a bio-active compound with a cute little imprint on it. Very irresponsible. Yes, MDMA can kill you, but you would have to be a total fool to take the amount needed needed to reach the LD50.

    • Think most people know that Ectasy is a term attributable to a Pill, and not to MDMA.
      You take your chances with pills some are poor and if you are lucky harmless, others can be poor and kill. Quality pills seem very rare these days.
      It is this varing quality and naturally unscrupulous production ethics that scream for a change in the law and shifting the focus to controls that are workable rather than prohibition and approaches that are centred on harm reduction ather than criminalisation.
      But I guess most people on this forum know this to be the case anyway.
      MDMA is a much better bet, then when you get home cuddle up with some Ket

  • A middle aged London man is reported to have become the latest victim
    of the drug scourge after he passed away in hospital some 25 years
    after taking evil killer death drug ecstasy.

    Joe Simmons, a 56 year old unemployed bricklayer was rushed to
    hospital with multiple wounds when he was hit by a passing bus after
    taking the drug ecstasy only 25 years before.

    “It’s so sad,” wept Joe’s orphan daughter Angela (33), “you take one
    tiny pill of that poison and then with the click of a finger, 25 years
    later you drop dead after being hit by a bus in totally unrelated

    Joe reportedly took the drug at a party way back in 1989 during the
    summer of love, but toxicology reports indicate that the drug destroyed
    and then ended his life by killing him to death suddenly after a quarter
    of a century.

    “Mess with drugs and you’ll die, it’s as simple as that,” continued
    Angela. “Statistics prove it, all people who take drugs will die at some
    point in their lives.”

    “The government really need to do more to stop nasty drugs from
    taking the lives of people like my Dad,” continued Angela, “whose life
    was tragically cut short because of drugs, and to a lesser extent,

    “I don’t think I’ll ever get over his death,” she wept, weeping. “I
    certainly won’t ever touch drugs again, and will be sure to send out the
    message to the community that if you take even one small pill of this
    poison death drug then you’re liable to be tragically killed, years

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