Fedde Le Grand Shocks World By Still Getting Bookings

Fedde Le Grand has shocked the entire world for the second time this year by still getting booked after his farcical appearance in a DJ Mag livestream.

According to industry experts, Le Grand “committed career suicide” when he appeared on the now infamous DJ Mag video, however, it seems to have had little effect on the DJ who has seen no negative effects to his bookings at all.

“It really says a lot about Fedde, as a man, that he continues to get bookings after appearing in THAT video,” claimed Marc Smith, a local promoter. “I mean if you actually look at the video, he’s making a mockery of DJing, with all of those unnecessary movements and exaggerated wrist flicks he may as well be knocking down the house that Jack built, or at least having a shit on its doorstep.”

“But it doesn’t seem to have had any affect on him or his career at all,” continued Smith. “He must be really fucking sound. I’m guessing promoters are booking him because he’s nice to be around and they want to hang out with him, it’s definitely not because he’s a good, we can all see that that definitely isn’t the case, so it has to be because he’s a really good laugh.”

Wunderground also managed to get a few words with Le Grand, “I’m sick to my bloody teeth with people asking me about the DJ mag video,” he told us. “Everyone’s making such a big deal out of it saying I wasn’t DJing and stuff but I never actually claimed to be DJing.”

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a very keen ghost catcher,” he bizarrely continued. “If you look very closely you’ll see that I’m actually catching a small fleet of tiny ghosts. People think that they get bites from mosquitoes but most insect bites actually come from tiny ghosts, Steve Aoki taught me that, and he knows his shit when it comes to ghosts.”

If you would like to book Fedde Le grand, say his name ten times backwards in the mirror at midnight and his booking agent will appear.

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Fedde Le Grand Shocks World By Still Getting Bookings

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