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Here Are 10 Famous DJ Tinder Profiles We Found

Here Are 10 Famous DJ Tinder Profiles We Found

DJing can be a lonely trade right? No, wrong num-nuts! DJ’s are awash with adoring fans and even the recently kneecapped of the world fall to their knees at the mere thought of getting to suck on a famous DJ’s schlong for a couple of minutes, or (before the keyboard social-justice warriors pipe up) whatever the non-sexist version of that sentence is without being even more crude than I’ve already been.

However, aside from being overcome with constant sex on tap, DJ’s are a greedy bunch and want even more. Some of them have taken to Tinder but never fear readers, where big-name DJ’s wander penis-in-hand, we soon follow. Check out the first batch we found…

Tchami tinder profile

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