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House Music Orchestra’s Rider Forces Promoter Into Bankruptcy

House Music Orchestra’s Rider Forces Promoter Into Bankruptcy

An orchestra which was booked to play house music has forced a local promoter into bankruptcy after its excessive rider demands completely “cleaned him the fuck out”.

Barry O’Neill, the recently bankrupt promoter, is believed to have booked the fifty-three-piece orchestra to play a selection of classic house songs in a local concert hall.

According to sources close to the promoter, the orchestra “really took the piss” leaving the promoter with no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

“Jesus Christ, I’ve heard of some DJs and singers going a bit over the top when it comes to riders, but nothing I’ve ever heard even comes anywhere close to what I saw with that orchestra,” explained Peter Bracken, a friend of the promoter. “Poor Barry’s totally skint now, which is a real pity because he owes me £250.”

“Honestly, those posh little orchestra folk really know how to make some demands,” continued our source. “Magnums of vintage Dom Perignon, bottles of Grey Goose and rare whiskey, caviar, cocaine, hookers, they wanted the lot. Barry should have just told them to fuck off and get a few boxes of Heineken in but he likes to look the big man and bought everything in.”

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“The poor cunt obviously didn’t do the math,” Bracken told us. “By the time he’d paid the orchestra’s fee, rented the venue, paid the security staff and bought everything on the rider, he was in about twenty grand debt, even after completely selling the show out.”

Reports suggest that Mr O’Neill, who hasn’t declared any income made from promoting gigs since he started in 2006, has since left the country to spend some time in his luxurious apartment in Ibiza.

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