Ross From Friends Denies Quitting Music – Insists They’re Just “On A Break”

British DJ and producer Ross From Friends has denied that he has quit music and insists that they are just “on a break”.

Ross From Friends, not to be confused with Ross from Friends, played by David Schwimmer, claims that he will be back behind the decks and in the studio later this year.

“I’d never think about quitting music altogether,” Ross From Friends, real name Felix Clary Weatherall, told Wunderground earlier. “We’ve been together for years but we’re currently experiencing some creative differences, it’s nothing to worry about, I’m hoping that the time apart will really cement our relationship and I’ll be back even stronger than ever by the end of the year.”

“I’ve actually been experimenting with other art forms while we’re on our break,” continued the DJ, best known for his expert use of “bings” in his tracks. “I’ve been doing a bit of poetry, some knitting and the odd oil painting. I hope music doesn’t find out but even if it does, we were on a break so it shouldn’t really matter.”

According to DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends’ nemesis, the “so-called break” could turn out to be the end of his fellow DJ’s music career.

“Well, well, well,” said DJ Seinfeld menacingly. “I’d hate for music to find out about poor little Rossy’s extracurricular activities with other art forms. And by saying that, I actually mean I’d love for music to find out about it and I’m probably going to be the one to break the news.”

“Who does he think he is anyway?” asked Seinfeld. “The music industry’s only big enough for one DJ who’s named after a 90’s sitcom character, and I really want it to be me. I’m going to bury the prick, when I’m finished with him, his music career will be in worse state than Kramer’s stand up career.”

In related news, Joey from Friends, also known as Matt LeBlanc, has confirmed that a Friends reunion episode in now less likely than ever after Monica from Friends, accused Rachel from Friends of having an affair with her husband from Friends, Chandler from Friends.

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Ross From Friends Denies Quitting Music – Insists They’re Just “On A Break”

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