Human Traffic 2 Mostly Just Old People Staying In Bed All Day Sunday

London’s “naughtiest geezer”, Danny Dyer, has revealed that the plot for the eagerly anticipated sequel to Human Traffic is mostly just about old people staying in bed all day on Sunday.

According to Dyer, who plays himself but with a different name, Human Traffic 2 will have a slightly more somber and depressing vibe to it than the feel good and unadulterated warmth of the first movie.

“Well, obviously we’re all fuckin’ nineteen years older than we were when we made the first movie. Aren’t we?” explained Dyer during a recent chat with Wunderground. “So, naturally the movie’s not going to be as carefree as the first, we’ve all grown-up quite a lot and have some real grown-up issues and problems to deal with.”

“My character, Moff, has battled with addictions for most of his adult life, in the years since Human Traffic, he’s been in and out of rehab, spent a little bit of time in prison and still lives in his dad’s attic, he’s a right little sort,” continued Dyer. “He’s an emotional wreck and really makes the rest of the gang feel on edge every time he’s out with them.”

“Most of the rest of them have their own demons to bear too, but they all still manage to get out for a night out every once in a while and the entire movie is centered around one of these occasions,” the actor told us. “They’ve not got the stamina that they had nineteen years ago but they can still put the drinks away.”

“It’s basically all about one night down the old local, but things go tits up when someone produces a gram of charlie,” he revealed. “Then, there’s lots of pizza and Netflix in bed on Sunday and there’s also an existential crisis that ends in a failed suicide attempt thrown in there too, it’s all proper gritty and very tasty.”

In related news, Dyer has revealed that he is set to step out of his comfort zone for an upcoming role by playing someone from South London, unlike all of his previous roles where he played someone from East London.

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Human Traffic 2 Mostly Just Old People Staying In Bed All Day Sunday

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