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Ibiza Airport Burger King Awarded Michelin Star

Ibiza Airport Burger King Awarded Michelin Star

Ibiza Airport’s Burger King restaurant has become the latest establishment on the island to be awarded the prestigious Michelin Star accolade.

Representatives from the Michelin Guide claimed the decision has been made to give the popular fast food restaurant the award due to its “extremely high standards and service to the public”.

“Sometimes, a Michelin Star isn’t just about the food,” explained Jean Luc Dupont, a spokesperson for the Michelin Guide. “When you think of Burger king you probably think of greasy and disgusting food, and nine times out of ten you would be right, but with Burger King in Ibiza airport, it is a little bit different.”

“Sure, there is still plenty of disgusting and greasy food, but the food they serve in that particular Burger King restaurant also has some very magical qualities and, in some cases, is even capable of saving lives,” continued Dupont. “So, we found that this restaurant was a special case and we decided to give it a star, even though they serve pure shit.”

Reports suggest that every single person who has ever visited Ibiza has eaten something from the Airport’s Burger King, whether they remember it or not.

Restaurant manager Xavi Montinesto claims that they sell over 2.5 Billion Chilli Cheese Bites between May and October every year.

“Those little gooey balls of heart attack are easily our best seller,” Montinesto told us earlier. “I personally take great pride in the preparation of every single Bite we put out, which is why our standards are always so high. We’ve estimated that our Chilli Cheese Bites save at least four lives every single month during the season, that’s over twenty lives a year on Bites alone.”

“If you ask me, they should have given us this award years ago, how many of the island’s other Michelin Star restaurants can save someone’s life for under €3.”

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay claims to have discovered traces of cocaine on every table in the Airport’s Burger King. He later retracted his statement after it was revealed he had put the cocaine on them in the first place.

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