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Bloke On Rollover Accidentally Takes The Morning After Pill

Bloke On Rollover Accidentally Takes The Morning After Pill

A bloke on the roll over has been left with a “severely upset tummy” after accidentally taking the morning after pill.

Gareth Jenkins, a twenty two year old from The Valleys, Wales, claims he thought the morning after pill was “some sort of magic recovery pill” that people took when they had been up all night partying.

“I had no fucking clue what it was,” he told Wunderground sheepishly. “Alls I knew was that my sister takes it all the time when she’s been out all night so I just thought it either got you fucked, cures you’re hangover or knocked you out and I would have been happy with any one of those outcomes when I took it.”

“How was I supposed to know you’re supposed to take it to stop you getting pregnant?” he asked. “This is The Valleys, our idea of contraception is worrying about it eight months later. Why do you think there are so many unmarried mums around here. I’m surprised they even sell them around here if I’m being honest with you.”

“There was me expecting a lovely time but instead I’m stuck here feeling like I’ve been eating barbed wire,” continued Jenkins. “And, it’s a double-edged blade too because not only do I feel like absolute shit but I’ve also just found out that my sister is a massive slag, no wonder all of my mates are alway asking if she’s coming out.”

Wunderground also spoke to Gareth’s sister, Nicole, “What a daft little prick,” she said while in hysterics. “How stupid do you have to be to do something like that. You can tell that little creep has never been with a girl in his life anyway.”

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“Round here if you’ve not had at least three pregnancy scares by the time you’re his age you’re either gay or a silly little virgin and I know he’s not gay because I walk in on him watching porn at least twice a week. He’s so pathetic, I only hang around with him because his friends are well fit.”

Reports that Mr Jenkins would need to have his “ovaries removed” following his mishap have been rubbished after it was explained to the man that he didn’t have any, he is expected to make a full recoverey.

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