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Ibiza Council Introduce Sunset Tax

New Ibiza Sunset Tax

The local government in Ibiza have announced that they are set to introduce a “sunset tax” effective immediately.

Island sources have confirmed that a tax of up to €25 per person will be collected from all tourists who see a sunset while on the island.

“Tourists have been coming here, watching our sunsets and not paying for it for far too long,” claimed councillor Juan Torres. “The people and resources of this island will no longer be held to ransom by foreign influences who come here, overpay for everything and keep our economy afloat.”

“From this day forward, every tourist who stays in a hotel room with a sunset view will be subject to a €25 per person sunset tax and every non-resident who buys food or drinks in a restaurant or bar with a sunset view will pay a fifteen percent surcharge on their bill. We will also introduce a brand new photography license of €65 for anyone who wishes to take photos of our magical sunsets.”

The announcement has been met with disbelief by many of the island’s hippies who claim that it is completely immoral to tax nature.

“This is, like, totally wrong, man,” insisted Peter “Flowerchild” Morris, who went to Ibiza on a holiday in 1987 and never fucked off. “How can they make people pay to watch a sunset? That’s, like totally, Mother Nature’s gift to all of us. I’m going to play my bongo extra hard tonight in protest against this outrage.”

Approximately eighty percent of tourists in Ibiza claim they “couldn’t give a fuck” about the sunset tax as the only reason they visit the island is to “get fucked for a week” and have no interest in looking at a sunset.

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