Ibiza Nightclubs Now Offering Timeshares On Drinks

Sources in the Mediterranean have revealed that a number of Ibiza’s most popular nightclubs are set to offer timeshare deals on drinks this summer.

“Extortionate drink prices in nightclubs are something that every tourist has to deal with when they come to Ibiza,” claimed one island resident.

”Some people are happy to pay them, while others will just get mashed off their banana and sip water, either way it’s an expensive process.”

“This year, with the introduction of timeshare drinks, that could be about to change,” he continued, “Clubbers could see a saving of almost fifty cents per drink if they take advantage of the offer.”

According to a representative of Ibiza’s clubbing council, all bottles of spirits will now be available on timeshare deals in the island’s superclubs.

“You can pay anything up to €24 or €25 for a vodka drink in an Ibiza nightclub,” explained the spokesperson.

“On average, we’ll get about twelve drinks per bottle so the club could quite easily be selling a bottle of vodka for somewhere in the region of €300.”

“Now, with the new deal, the clubs will allow six different people, visiting the island at different times throughout the summer, the chance to buy one-sixth of the bottle, for as little as €47. Failing that, you can get a single vodka and coke, which is normally €36, for only €10 if you share the drink with 5 other people in the club. Either all at once, or each taking turns at having a sip. We aren’t strict on it.”

“To avail of this offer, all you have to do is find five other people to pool in with and pay a small administrative fee of about €12 per person and before you know it, you’ll be sipping Rushkinoff vodka from a Grey Goose bottle in your favorite club.”

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Ibiza Nightclubs Now Offering Timeshares On Drinks

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