Idris Elba Only Acting Like A DJ

In a shocking revelation from the dance music community, Idris Elba has admitted that he has been “only acting like a DJ” for the past ten years.

Elba, best known for appearing in a sexually charged Sky advertisement involving an elderly lady, possibly his mum or lover, watching Mad Mike XXL, has been making a name for himself in the music industry following a number of high profile club and festival appearances.

However, it now seems that the actor has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes with a number of stellar acting performances behind the decks.

Wunderground caught up with the Luther star earlier this week, “Playing the part of a DJ has definitely been the biggest challenge of my acting career to date,” he told us. “I always go down a bit of a rabbit hole when I’m preparing myself for parts but I’ve gone so deep with this one that I’ve almost ended up in Australia.”

“I’m taking method acting to a whole new level,” continued the Hollywood A-Lister. “It started over ten years ago when I went out and bought a set of decks. Since then, I’ve literally put in thousands of hours’ worth of practice to get where I am today. It’s taken an awful lot of effort and dedication to get here but it was totally worth it.”

“Essentially, I’ve actually become a DJ,” claimed Elba. “But, I’m not actually a DJ, I’m still an actor, it even says so on my LinkedIn profile. When I DJ in a club, I’m getting paid a fee to act like a DJ. I’ve fooled everyone so as far as I’m concerned, that’s a job well done.”

Experts are claiming that while Elba may not consider himself a DJ, he is far more talented at the art than many of the current DJs flourishing in the industry.

Matt Brookes, who’s been to Ibiza three time, spoke to us earlier, “I don’t care what Elba says, he is a DJ in my eyes. I saw The Chainsmokers DJ a few weeks ago, now there’s two lads who aren’t DJs, they’re just clowns, but Idris has got some real skills, he’s more of a DJ than they’ll ever be.”

In related news, Tom Cruise has claimed that he isn’t actually a “weird little midget creep”, he has just been acting like a creep and he is really just a “weird little midget”.

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Idris Elba Only Acting Like A DJ

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