If You’ve Still Got Any Of These Pills You Could Be Sitting On A Fortune

Pills that could earn you a fortune

Ever come across an old pill in the pocket of a pair of jeans at the bottom of your wardrobe or in a bag you only ever use at festivals? Before you decide to fuck work off for the day and swallow that bad boy, take a moment to look at it, if you happen to be in possession of any of these rare antique pills you could be sitting on a small fortune.

Green Speckled Mitsubishis

These very rare pills were popular in the United Kingdom during the late 1990s. Apparently, the green speckles in these disco biscuits were actually fresh herbs, which probably makes them a savoury disco biscuit. Good for one of your five a day, a fully intact green speckled Mitsubishi could fetch anywhere up to £350 at auction.

Pink Elephants

These pink elephant pills were mass produced in Amsterdam in 2000. As well as having almost one hundred and fifty milligrammes of MDMA in them, these pingers were laced with genuine elephant tusk which, according to ancient Chinese medicine, cures just about any illness you can think off. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these, definitely don’t take it, one of them sold at Christie’s for almost £2,000 last week.

Blue Playboys

The only American produced pills on the list, these blue Playboys are extremely rare having first surfaced in Chicago during the early 1980s. According to reports, the pills, pressed in the Playboy Mansion, were accidentally dyed blue when one of the Playmates mistook the pill mixture for cake mixture and added blue food colouring. One of these pills was sold to a private dealer for £10,000 last April.

Yellow Doves

Doves were one of the most popular pills in the early days of acid house in the United Kingdom. They came in many varieties almost always white or white with speckles. In 1991 a batch of limited edition yellow doves were pressed in Essex. With only about a thousand of them being produced, these are very rare, experts predict there may only be three of them left today. They are also believed to contain enough MDMA to kill a small pony and have been valued at anything up to £12,000.

Pink Rolex

Surprisingly, the most recently made pills on the list are also the most valuable. These pink Rolexes were custom made for Prince William on his twenty-first birthday party using a secret blend of MDMA that only Royalty can afford. Apparently, Willaim smuggled them into his party, up his arse and later lost a bag with seven pills in it. Having been inside a genuine Prince’s anal cavity, these pills could land you anywhere up to a quarter of a million quid each.

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If You’ve Still Got Any Of These Pills You Could Be Sitting On A Fortune

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