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Man Who Thought He Invented Time Travel Actually Just On Ket

Man thinks he invented time travel but on Ketamine

A man who momentarily thought he had invented time travel was brought back to earth with a bump after discovering he had actually just been taking Ket.

Martin Baldwin, a twenty-three-year-old physics student from Glasgow, Scotland, believed he had accidentally stumbled upon a way to travel through time while at a house party last weekend.

“I’ve seen Back to the Future a bunch of times so I know that it is highly likely that time travel will be discovered by a complete accident,” explained Baldwin during a chat with Wunderground earlier. “That’s why I presumed I was onto a winner last Saturday in my mate Marty’s house. One minute I was sitting on the sofa and the next I was travelling through time, it was pretty awesome, not as good as Snapchat but still pretty cool.”

“It’s a bit of a blur now but at the time it was totally vivid and really intense,” he continued. “I remember going back to the time before weed was illegal and smoking some really nice skunk in front of a policeman,” claimed the student. “Then, I went back to when David Guetta was supposedly a good DJ, I never really believed it before but it turns out to be true and then I went back and kicked Hitler in the nuts. It was a great trip.”

“After that, much to my despair, I came to on Marty’s couch,” revealed Baldwin. “Apparently, the whole thing was just me being in a K-hole, at least that’s what my friends told me, but I’m not convinced. I still think I might have invented time travel but I can only remember how to do it when I’m taking Ket, I guess I’ll have to just keep taking it until I can remember it properly.”

According to friends of Mr Baldwin, the twenty-three-year-old has been extensively researching ever since and, although he hasn’t gone back in time again, he has made some excellent progress in the field of intergalactic space travel.

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