Nightclub To Open Designated Drug Room To Reduce Queues For Toilets

Bosses at a Dutch nightclub has confirmed that they are set to open a designated drug room in an attempt to reduce queues for the toilet.

Giorgio De Vries manager at Haus House nightclub claimed that excessive queueing time for the club’s toilets have caused a number of patrons to look elsewhere for their clubbing needs.

“We’re a small bespoke club and we’ve got very limited toilet space,” De Vries explained to Wunderground earlier. “Recently, we’ve started to run a lot of house music events and we’ve been having terrible trouble with the queues for the toilets ever since. So much so that a number of our loyal customers are starting to go elsewhere.”

“According to our bathroom attendants, about ninety percent of the people who queue for the toilets are only going in there to take drugs,” claimed De Vries. “Being Dutch, we have a very liberal attitude when it comes to drug use so we’ve decided to open a drug room, although it’s actually more of an area, which we hope will illuminate, or at least massively reduce, the queues outside our toilets.”

Wunderground also spoke to Adam Schlupp, who frequents Haus House regularly, about the club’s announcement, “It’s about time they did something about those queues,” he said. “I love the place but between queueing at the bar and queueing for the toilet you probably spend something like eighty percent of your night standing in line.”

“I was there about three weeks ago and I must have been waiting outside of the toilets for about an hour and a half,” he continued. “I was absolutely bursting for a bump. In the end, I got sick of waiting so I left and had a few sniffs up a lane and then went somewhere else. Having a designated drug room will make a massive difference. I honestly don’t think anyone in that queue is actually there to use the toilet.”

According to reports, Haus House bosses have been forced to reevaluate their plans after queues of up to three hours formed outside the designated drugs room on it’s opening night.

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