I’m Dead Inside – Reveals Tech-House Producer

An English tech-house producer has admitted that, despite a relatively successful career in the music industry, he feels totally dead inside.

Ronald Tonkerson, aka DJ Ronki Tonk, claims that he often wonders what his life could have been like if he hadn’t discovered a sample pack called “wonky tonk tech bangerz” early in his career.

“I always loved a bit of house and a bit of techno,” Tonkerson told Wunderground earlier. “So it always kind of seemed like tech-house was the perfect marriage for me. Like Prince William and Kate or Elton John and the other little gay fella.”

“In the early days, the tunes were alright too but after five or six years of making them, their repetitive hollowness really starts to wear away at you soul.”

“Now, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t even recognise the bloke staring back at me,” he continued, eyes building with tears.

“I ask myself ‘what’s the point of it all?’ and for a moment I genuinely can’t remember and then it comes flooding back to me; money, women and cars, they’re the point of it all.”

If you have been affected by the production of tech-house, we recommend you take a long hard look at yourself, listen to some Kerri Chandler and sort your life out.


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I’m Dead Inside – Reveals Tech-House Producer

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