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Indian Headdresses Making It Easier To Spot Dickheads At Festivals

Indian Headdresses Making It Easier To Spot Dickheads At Festivals

Indian Headdress Festival Dickhead

Festival attendees worried that they will have difficulty spotting dickheads at this summer’s many music events have today been told to keep on the lookout for people wearing Indian headdresses – a clear indicator of dickheadedness.

The Indian headdress has become the latest example of cultural appropriation by festival attending dickheads wishing to express their kooky and unique personalities following the likes of the fisherman’s hat, neon face paint and colourful sunglasses.

“Sometimes it can be quite difficult at a festival to tell who is a dickhead and who isn’t,” claimed festival guru Barney Ross, “unless they’re juggling, brought their guitar or are standing watching Mumford & Sons in which case you can be reasonably assured that their heads are of the dick variety.”

Describing the Indian headdress as “a simple to understand early warning system for dickheadery”, Barney claimed that anyone wearing them is unmistakably a dickhead, suggesting that it’s “basically the new straw Stetson, except worse”.

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“You’ll usually find them eating an ostrich burger and obstructing people’s view of the stage while basking in the warmth of how utterly amazing they look,” continued Barney. “The sheer disparity between the headdress and the rest of their ‘outfit’ further marks them out as a dickhead and also serves to embarrass both them and the Native American culture they’re mimicking.”

Barney insisted however that the headdresses were a good thing and should be lauded by everyone as they signify immediately who is a dickhead so that “you can avoid their company, scoff loudly at them as they saunter by or else inform them frankly and honestly of their dickheadedness”.

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  • God damn, i have read this same article year after year… anything more interesting to post? Or your just gonna keep grasping at straws on the whole cultural appropriation discussion. Your generalisation of people is offensive, passing anyone with a headdress off as a “dick head”. Its a given that some of these people may be “dickheads” just like you probably are… just sitting from your dark room spouting shit.

    • look up the word “satire” and after you’ve learned the meaning you’ll realize that you’re the one in your dark room spouting shit to yourself because you didn’t get the joke.

    • no, wearing one when you aren’t native and didn’t earn the honor makes you a dickhead because it’s a complete dickhead move. not to mention, totally dated cliche not the least bit cool or edgy. just dickhead. that’s all.

  • God damn, i have read this same article year after year… anything more interesting to post? Or are you just gonna keep grasping at straws on the “whole cultural appropriation discussion”. Your generalisation of people is offensive, passing anyone with a headress off as a “dickhead”. Its a given that some of these people may be “dickheads” just like you probably are sitting from your dark room spouting shit.

    • Would it get your attention if the the 2 guys were in black face as well?

      • I am black and native american and I find both equally offensive.

        Screw this.. next year I’m going to L.I.B dressed as a viking. :-p

        • really, you should dress english if you want to be a reciprocating dickhead. the vikings it seems got on with natives they encountered (well before columbus) in a state of mutual respect and warfare (which is totally different than attempted annihilation.) it’s the english and spanish who’ve led the dickhead charge in the colonized world…

    • it has to be repeated over and over because some dickheads still dont get it

  • This article is just rude as fuck……………… I wear different head dresses at my festivals… It called expressing yourself. If you weren’t so locked in your own world you would understand… But I guess im a dick head for expression….

    • Wow. You really do sound like a dick. I thought people were done wearing these stupid headdresses three years ago? Are you still on that? You still wear Ed Hardy?

    • If you knew…what it takes to “earn” one…you wouldn’t view the headdress in the same way and would have respect the cultures that do value it. I am a NA (from a tribe that doesn’t wear this particular style headdress…but do wear headdresses none the less). I wouldn’t wear this in public as I would expect to justifiably get punched in the face (by a NA or NA veteran) and have it removed for being disrespectful and it not having been earn, gifted or inherited (from a family member that has earned it). So…that being said…theoretically if I saw you in public…I probably would politely tell you that it’s inappropriate to wear it (and give you enough time to respect what I have to say and remove it)….if you gave me some “dickhead” response like you have above….. well expect a “dickhead” response from me back.

      • how in the fuck is this considered racist? all of you people are fucking retarded

    • Your rude as fuck, and a fucking dickhead. Quit going to festivals and “expressing” yourself and get out into the world and get a fuckin job you dick! I remember when festivals were cool fuckin 50 years ago.

  • You’re a dickhead Jeff because Native Americans gathered up all the material for headresses from materials on this earth and they were a sign of power, you probably got yours online or got rinky dink materials to make yours that have no meaning at all. That’s why it’s offensive!

    • Actually, the reason it’s offensive is because the headdress is considered sacred. You earned every feather, by good deeds, bravery in war, etc. Like a Purple Heart. Also, it makes a mockery of our culture, and furthers the notion that it is there for you to take what you want, as it always has been. And still continues today (read Indian Country Today to see just how these things continue today)

      • It is offensive to some Natives, otherwise a non-issue or mere eyebrow raiser to others. I’m certain that there is definitely different attitudes coming from USA Natives vs. Canadian Natives

        • Well, the team is in the US, so they are going by US Natives, and a new ‘poll’ counters their “90% of Natives don’t find it offensive” with “67% of Natives find it offensive”. And this was done SPECIFICALLY on the issue, not in a 100 question survey.

          • Also, the Canada/US border, is a colonialist invention. For example it splits a lot of people, the Okanagan, Semath and others here in BC/Washington area of the world. So saying it is a US issue id kinda moot. Its an issue for everyone because the ignorance it perpetuates affects everyone who is not a dickhead.

          • hundreds of years of much more radical Jingoist Christianization in the USA has led to very different attitudes from Reserves down south.

        • coming from a canadian “native”, it is offensive and very angering. the headress represents the SAME thing up here you know… dickheads!

          • im Metis too. I just have more pressing issues in life than this.

  • Yes , I agree,however there are specific cases of double agents in full headdress.that iz a good person in one. But damn it just aint rite. Like the guy i see daily who wears spurs . Like .. .well never mind spurs are cool .PEACE

    • Not really. Some don’t accept Native American, either. I’ve seen people demand to be called by their tribe, like you’re supposed to know by looking at them…”Oh, yeah, he’s Lakota, man!”

  • New rule: people who wear Headdresses shall be required to spend 6 months on a Reservation….

  • New rule: people who wear Headdresses shall be required to spend 6 months on a Reservation….

    • I spent more than 6 months… I still wont wear it.
      I got my lone crow feather given to me by a grandmother who told me I’m a bear, but I need to find a crow to be happy.
      I’m sposed to give it to my crow when I find her.

      The headdress is earned, not bought.

      • I think that was their point. Spend an appreciable amount of time on the rez, and you will learn why it’s not right. They will teach you, one way or another. I nominate Pine Ridge.

  • They’re not INDIAN…..Whoever wrote this is just as ignorant as the people wearing the headresses….Nice try at making a point and feeling important though….Hope you can now sleep feeling accomplished

  • My girlfriend is Native and her opinion is basically… who gives a fuck? Yeah they were definitely sacred to Native Americans, but when a white man or let alone anyone who didn’t earn it through war wears it, it means nothing, so she basically sees it as meaningless, basically just a form of appropriation, which as she stated doesn’t really affect her either way, because these are not real Headdresses. If these guys were wearing REAL headdresses made for previous Chiefs, that would be very offensive. it would be equally offensive if you wore the true ribbons and badges of a dead military General, but not that offensive if you wore clearly fake replicas.

    • It is just as offensive to Native people as blackface is offensive to Black people

      • not entirely comparable.. Blackface is not an article of clothing, nor highly valuable and meaningful accessory. It doesnt carry power or sacredness like a headdress does.. you are Black, and I imagine part Native.. I am White, but also Metis, I am part Native but I look very White. Wearing headdresses is disrespectful, but who am I to stop people from doing what they want to do?

        at least people are TALKING about Native Americans, and are reflecting upon them. Because if anything is true, its that Native issues and culture have been so smothered and buried by the enormity of mainstream American politics and culture, its about time they started getting attention and discussion even if its on a more than bitter note.

        • I would agree the analogy of blackface isn’t the same thing as wearing a headdress, although it can still be considered demeaning or disrespectful. Yet again, you are replying in a dismissive, minimizing way on a topic that is not inherent or integral to your person or culture, and you’re basing it on “what my girlfriend” said. We as Native Americans deserve the right to address our concerns, issues and rights as WE see fit, NOT at the approval of people like you we are still trying to control and tell us how to behave, what we should feel, what we should be concerned about. Yet again, you are prime and clear example of the Anglos who say, “You should just be glad someone is talking about you:” NO, we will not be defined by your terms, nor have you or people like you tell us what to do as if you are some great know-it-all god who we should concede to just because you said. Ridiculous, yet again.

          • White privilege.. get real (and get off Twitter/Tumblr) pal. I don’t have any specialized government programs or initiatives set up for me for past crimes. My descendants were Scots-Irish Appalachian “hillbilly” farmers who were among the poorest and most isolated in North America and today I stand testament to their durability. I’m also part Mi’kmaq, so for your informed opinion this does in fact apply to me, but I guess my overally Whiteness negates any native blood eh?

            Majority aint always right. Majority of Americans voted for George W. Bush twice. Majority of Canadians voted for Stephen Harper once, plurality the second go.

            Majority of North Americans are overweight or obese.

            The Average IQ is 100 because there are PLENTY of idiots dragging it down.

            The majority of Americans are overweight, 31% are obese. I guess majority is right, so that must be okay

            The solution to Native problems isn’t protest, it isn’t this check-your-privilege bullshit.

            40% of youth on Reserves in Canada don’t finish High School. The birth rate amongst FN people is way above average, while the average age of parenthood is way below average.

            Residential schooling and colonization has done its damage, but this Liberal victim game is what is preventing EVERYONE from moving forward. It stops Women, Natives, Blacks, pretty much everyone from achieving self-realization and self-success. The most successful non-white individuals are ALWAYS Conservative-ideology driven individuals.

            I guess “your people” can fight for their own causes and make decisions as they choose, all I say is good luck when it fails you miserably down the road.

    • Whether your girlfriend is native or not, or gives a fuck or not, does she speak for all natives as a whole? How is her personal opinion to matter, especially as it goes against the majority, just because she doesn’t respect or understand the culture either? Also, “Native American” is a general term, as there are many distinct tribes (federally recognized around 600, plus 1000s of others) with different beliefs, histories, languages, etc. So, having you say try to parse out our cultures based on “what your girlfriend” said, is rather ludicrous in itself, if you read that statement word for word. Like the typical example of white privilege that dismisses and downs ethnic or cultural protests from others simply because they don’t care or don’t understand, you are just minimizing it for your convenience. The same with your girlfriend.

  • Its about expression, and being someone you cannot be in reality. Its about finding yourself, even if that means adapting a culture you were not born into. People think that if your white, black, asian, native american than you must follow those specific cultural views. But why? If I love and appreciate a culture, can I not represent at a festival, where I feel most myself? These are suppose to be about no judgement, you sir are the one ruining the scene. Oh and ummm P.L.U.R.

    • Adapting a culture isn’t wearing sacred items for an event because it looks cute/pretty/fashionable/etc and then taking it off for the day. Adapting a culture means immersing yourself into the culture; learn a Native language, live on a reservation, listen to the elders tell their stories, support the Native people. Actually learn and understand the stigma that the people live with everyday and the struggles they face then maybe you’ll understand why wearing a headdress isn’t something to be messed with.
      Also, if you feel most like yourself at a festival, why do you must feel the need to play dress up???

    • Speaking up for our race isn’t being judgmental. For those saying opinions in a 2nd person plural. Have your girlfriends or boyfriends speak out for themselves. It is wrong for NON-NATIVES WEARING A HEAD-DRESS! YES, IT IS A POOR EXCUSE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES. ALSO A SIGN OF DISRESPECT TOWARDS OUR CULTURE AND RACE.
      It is offensive! For those other people that don’t take in consideration to speak up for our beliefs. How are you gonna teach our culture and traditions to the next generation? We are dying race that is subjected and neglected by influences within this modern society. You see nowadays some young adults disrespect our elders. Talk about having SWAG! IT’S ALL FAD! WHY FOLLOW A TREND? ……WE AREN’T CRYING OR BITCHING AROUND. IT IS CONCLUSIVE THAT WE JUST TO STICKING UP FOR OUR TRADITIONS AND HERITAGE!!!!!!

      • i do not think you are a dieing race! i see a huge resurgence in native pride! i think you are getting stronger, recovering from the horrors heaped upon you for so many generations. i understand it is still a struggle, but i see so much strength rising.

    • NO, YOU CANNOT BE IN REALITY. why do you think you have the right to steal someone else’s identity? stealing the land and lives of so many natives was not enough for you? now you get to be the people your ancestors, whites in america, tried so hard to destroy? NO. you don’t. go educate yourself and be a better person.

      • First of all you have no idea what race I am. Second it is not stealing from anyone, it is borrowing a cultural identity as an expression of who you appreciate or wish to be. I personally have never worn one, but I do not disagree with it. I have immersed myself in local Native cultures and seen how some can struggle. To say my ancestors destroyed that is ignorant because they weren’t and neither was I. Have you ever thought if more people could see what different cultures may have looked like then they might want to find out more about them. Third, many tribes never even wore headdresses. Finally, have you ever worn any type of costume/disguise. A samurai? A roman? A girl? People become fat for Halloween! So why identify one culture and eliminate all non-natives from ever allowing themselves to express something they might later care to learn more about. Sure some will never care, but it’s not an attempt to harass and really does no harm unless you let it.

        • i am pretty sure you are white because you are so blindly defending white privilege and most people of color are not so blind to what that means. of course, you’re right, i cannot be certain, and some people of color do defend white privilege.

          part of that white privilege is the ability to redefine people of color, and when you decide you ‘wish to be’, for example with this issue, then the general perception of what it means to be becomes some twisted hybrid that objectifies the people you say you are admiring.

          further, if those people say – hey, wait, this is not an acceptable use of our culture, then how is that admiring? how is that ‘wishing to be’? it’s not – it’s using, it’s stealing the meaning of those objects, which in this case is sacred, and redefining it for your own shallow sense (or lack of sense) of self. and this is selfish, egotistical, arrogant, oppressive and just plain awful.

          • You are the ignorant racist! To assume one culture holds priority over all others. America is a melting pot, and everyone exploits a culture at some point. Resturaunts do this all the time! You think that “mexican” food your eating is not exploitation. Or hundreds of stores selling hand-made china as “authentic” is just dandy. But yet when it comes to anyone not native wearing a headdress, probably made of plastic all hell breaks loose. Grow up and worry about true genocide still going on today. This mass murder is still happening in Darfur and Sudan. Like it happened to Natives, Jewish people, Rwanda, Cambodia. Yes cultures are being exploited and forgotten. It’s sad and is happening all around the world. Awareness can help prevent that. To assume the race you determine white, becuase of a skin color is privileged and rich is probably the most racist thing I’ve heard in awhile. It is hatred like this that keeps racism alive! Racism exists but only if you let it. You hate and call everyone who is white stupid, that is racist in my books. People have the freedom to do what they want, festival expression aside, you need to treat everyone with equality. Terrible things happen, and if I had the power to repremend every deplorable act I would. I’m sorry but alot of Natives themselves make money from selling items to tourists around the country. Its a large business, even beyond festivals. I’ve attended Pow Wows to support friends and families addictions, and many of them are supported by the selling of items (including headdresses) to help fund the events. Most sales are made by random tourists wanting to experience a culture not of their own. This is exploiring, they do not explain the meaning of items as they sell. But hey, it peaks interest. I believe Native cultures are as much apart of North American history, if not more so than any other culture. It would only die if you hold hate towards people who reach out to it. Wanna learn Japanese or Spanish then fine, Native American–NO thats exoloitation! To prevent ignorance, you must educate. Instead of calling them dickheads and assume they know nothing, have a conversation, explain the meaning of a headdress or samurai sword or Yamaka and maybe they will learn to appreciate and in turn spread knew knowledge. Have faith in humanity, otherwise there is nothing worth fighting about.

    • Could you say the same about someone in blackface? I dont think so. And it’s just as offensive

  • We’re going to borrow their land and have a spiritual gathering on it. But don’t worry, were also gonna expose all those dickheads trying to imitate them!

  • I’m Native American and we do find it offensive. I wish people would stop wearing them as a fashion statement.

  • I’m descended from the Blackfoot tribe. People get offended to damn easily. Let people do wear what they want. No harm done. They sell most of this stuff at native american reservation gift shops anyway. What? Is it only okay for the “white man” to buy it and not wear it? Stupid.

    • Most of those gift shops are owned by whites selling Chinese knock-offs that other whites aren’t smart enough to know any better. Blackfoot? hmm…

    • I’m sorry you’re so disconnected from your heritage that you think it’s okay. It is these other disconnected people who sell this stuff, too. If people would learn that it’s not okay, the market would dry up, but as long as people feel free to take from us, and keep taking from us, people who disrespect their culture will continue to do so.

    • having some dna doesn’t qualify you to speak on a culture you don’t understand or take the time to learn and respect. likewise, a native with a very large percentage white dna who’s grown up in their native culture learning how to live from their native elders is just as or more native than an off the reservation lost ties native with more native dna.

  • We have a headdress that was handed down in our family. Supposedly a Great great grandfather took it off an Indian he killed in the war.

  • We have a headdress that was handed down in our family. Supposedly a Great great grandfather took it off an Indian he killed in the war.

    • that is disgusting. if your family has any decency, you should donate this heritage item to a native museum or cultural center, hopefully to the culture it came from, but in any case, to someone who can treat it with respect.

  • No their just having fun. anyone who worries about this for more then say (2 seconds) is a fool

    • Thank you for your complete disrespect and disregard of my race and culture. You are, as the story points out, a dickhead.

  • The original use and meaning of Native American headdress has evolved over the last 180 years of cultural appropriation. Now, music festival goers are under attack for style-copying the war bonnet. The anti-headdress drumbeat shouts false claims of genocide & racism, and unnecessarily attempts to create villains and guilt.

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