The Internet Now 60% Videos Of Solomun Playing At Afterparties

The latest statistics have revealed that the internet is now 60% videos of Solomun playing at afterparites.

According to Martin Landsborough, of the World Internet Association, the Diynamic label boss is now “bigger than porn” and “more popular than Salt Bae and Marc Rebillet combined”.

“Everywhere you look nowadays you seem to see some sort of video of Solomun DJing at an afterparty in some villa on the side of the mountain,” Landsborough told Wunderground earlier. “We haven’t seen something take the internet by storm like this since Grumpy Cat spilled his milk in 2014.”

“Solomun’s dad dancing is now the second most recognisable thing on the internet behind Mia Khalifa’s boobs and is very likely to be a major dance trend in 2019 following moves like the dab and more recently the floss,” continued the internet nerd. “It just goes to show the power of social media and effective campaign management, we’re predicting that every home in the world will have their very own Solomun by the year 2025.”

However, the cost of internet fame has come at a price to Solomun who is believed to be suffering from chronic wrist cramp and severe altitude sickness following his string of mountaintop appearances.

“It comes with the territory,” the DJ’s manager told us. “It could be worse, he could have a real job and be suffering from wrist cramp and altitude sickness without all the money, so he’s happy enough with the hand he’s been dealt.”

Wunderground tried to contact Solomun for comment but he was currently entering the thirty-fourth hour of an afterparty set and unable to respond.

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The Internet Now 60% Videos Of Solomun Playing At Afterparties

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